• College of the Desert
    Academic Renewal Policy

    Academic Renewal permits the alleviation of previously recorded substandard academic performance which is not reflective of a student’s present demonstrated ability and level of performance. The permanent academic record shall be annotated in such a manner that all work remains legible, ensuring a true and complete academic history.
    1. Student is strongly advised to meet with a counselor for review of academic records.
    2. A student may request that up to 18 units of substandard coursework attempted to be annotated and disregarded in the computation of the student’s grade point average or requirements for a degree. Only courses with substandard grade (D, F and FW) will be disregarded.
    3. Neither grades nor courses will be removed from the student record. Instead, courses with Academic Renewal will be annotated on the student’s record and removed from the GPA calculation.
    4. The maximum number of units that may be alleviated is 18. Only units taken at College of the Desert may be alleviated, NOT units from other colleges.
    5. Twelve (12) months must have passed since the coursework to be considered was completed.
    6. All coursework completed since the units to be considered for Academic Renewal must meet one of the following:
    • • 15-29 semester units completed with a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA
    • • 30-44 semester units completed with a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA
    • • 45 and above semester units completed with a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA

    7. Courses from other regionally accredited colleges or universities will be accepted to provide evidence of academic ability. Student must provide official transcripts.
    8. No alleviated course work shall apply to degree requirements.
    9. In the petition, the student must specify the course(s) to be considered for academic renewal as well as the term in which the course was attempted.
    10. Some institutions do not honor academic renewal. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the transfer institution will approve of academic renewal from College of the Desert.
    11. Students who have received an Academic Renewal will not be considered for Graduation Honors unless they meet the criteria using all grades earned.
    12. Students who are in academic progress difficulty for financial aid purposes should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine how academic renewal affects aid.
    13. Academic renewal will be granted only once and is irreversible.

Student Information


  • List the courses that you want to be alleviated by Academic Renewal (18 unit maximum):

Transfer credit (if applicable) Student must supply official transcripts of external course work to be considered.


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Student Declaration


  • You can submit the form signed by Counselor as supporting documentation.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.